You will have a fully functional wardrobe (appropriate items that you actually use), for all the different activities in your life.

You will also receive a tailor-made clothing collection for your individual body, colour-pallet, style, personality, age, and lifestyle - ultimately portraying the image you want and conveying the correct message in a consistent manner.
Through our Shopping service we will help you add a few new items to bring life to your wardrobe. Let us help you shop for that special occasion, holiday, 1st Date, wedding, corporate function, cocktail party, graduation… we will ensure you come out SPARKLING!

Are you fully utilising the items in your wardrobe or is it full of items you hardly ever use?

Do you ask yourself, ‘what am I going to wear?’, ‘when last did I wear this?’, 'what on earth ever possessed me to buy that?', 'how was I ever convinced this looked fantastic on me?' or ‘it looked so good on display but something is not right on me.’

Fear not, SPARKLE through our wardrobe planning session will enable you to acquire basic wardrobe necessities, salvage and improve workable items using flattering accessories and get rid of items that do nothing for your image or lifestyle.