Impressions regarding competence, intelligence and reliability are formed within seconds and are usually based on appearance.

Ongoing; our clothes, grooming and body language create the visual clues from which others make judgments about our traits such as character, personality, status, credibility, ability, competence, trustworthiness, honesty etc.

In our daily lives we are constantly communicating who we are to the world and interestingly, we can do this without saying a word. The manner in which you present yourself will determine how others receive you and respond to you. This applies to any aspect of your life; a job interview, an executive meeting, a business pitch, a date, a re-union, a social event etc.

Sparkle Image consulting provides services that equip you to send the correct message through your packaging.

These include:

  • Body and style analysis – Determine your unique body shape to accurately select clothing and fit that suits you. Save money by buying clothing and accessories you will use. Save time when you shop as you will know what suits you. Use your clothing to create the impression you want and package yourself accordingly.
  • Colour analysis – Determine your unique colouring to accurately select colours that suit you. Correct colours make you look radiant, younger, attractive, healthier, intelligent... Once you know your colouring you can select the right hair colour range, make-up shades & textures and jewelry surfaces. Colour analysis also helps determine your contrast levels, best fabric type, texture, weave and surface including patterns
  • Image makeover – Let your outlook reflect who you are on the inside, let your light shine, do an image overhaul and revamp yourself.
  • Personal stylist – Take charge of your personal brand and package yourself the way you want to be received. Our clothing and grooming communicates without us saying a word, make sure yours sends the right message.
  • Shopping services – Buy outfits that work with your lifestyle, body and colouring. Buy outfits you will actually use and save money. Find more outfits that suit you in less time. You can have the convenience of a consultant shopping with you or a consultant shopping on your behalf.
  • Body projection and deportment – Improve your confidence, look slimmer, improve your posture, look well put together, change the way your clothing fits through correct deportment, ensure your body language aligns with how you want to be perceived, nothing just happens
  • Wardrobe audit / planning / co-ordination / organization – Ensure your wardrobe suits your lifestyle and have clothing that supports who you are and how you want to be received. Save time finding what to wear each day with a well-organized wardrobe, save money and get more clothing options from a well co-ordinated wardrobe
  • Etiquette & grooming – Inculcate a feeling of trust and loyalty, show responsibility and maturity in your interactions. Earn and give respect in society by carrying yourself in an appropriate manner. It could be in any setting social, corporate, business, wedding, meeting, telephone, eating – correct etiquette and mannerisms are a reflection of you.
  • Make-up application – Get your make-up done for your special day, and let your light shine. Alternatively learn how to prep & prime your skin, highlight your good features, conceal unwanted marks, create an even skintone, fleek your brows, apply eyeshadow, give your skin a healthy glow… whatever your desired outcome, from the natural ‘no make-up, I just look fresh’ look to the dramatic ‘eat your heart out’ look.