Impressions regarding competence, intelligence and reliability are formed within seconds and are usually based on appearance.

Clothing and corporate image are intricately entwined. Sparkle Image Consulting can formulate your dress code and ensure it is clearly communicated to the employees; supply staff uniform; supply promotional material; offering you a corporate image service to align with your organisational goals.

Sparkle Image Consulting conducts corporate workshops to equip attendees with information and skills necessary to ensure that their personal and professional image conveys the correct message to all stakeholders, aligning with the productive goals and image of their organisation. Consultations and presentations are tailored to meet each organisation’s unique requirement from any sector. For your next employee wellness day, team-building, break-away or women’s day; invite Sparkle Image Consulting to ignite your organisation to ‘let your light shine’ ensuring results of a leading organization.

Image can affect the financial bottom line for corporations and organizations.

Fortune magazine’s annual rankings of most admired companies has found a correlation between a company’s reputation and its profits. Corporate executives understand that a positive image affects the financial bottom line. Being an expert in your field is no longer just enough. Different companies reach stakeholders (including customers, clients and shareholders) in diverse ways. Each interaction puts the company’s reputation on the line. When you walk into a company, the first thing you notice is the way employees are dressed, thereafter, you will notice how they carry themselves, their mannerism and interaction with their clients and stakeholders giving you an impression about the company.
Sparkle Image Consulting offers training on professional appearance and grooming; business etiquette and communication to ensure the desirable image for your organisation.

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