Make your next clothing investment a wise one.

Buy clothing and accessories that express your individuality and personality. Let your garments speak for you, control the impression you create through your personal style.

Sparkle will help you discover the clothing shapes that best suit your body's natural lines and flatter your unique figure. You will discover which styles suit your Height, Body-shape, Face Shape, Age and lifestyle. You will learn how to highlight your best features and disguise the bits you want to hide. You will determine your face shape: to help you select Hair Styles, Eyewear and Earrings. Every person is unique, discover your personal style & let your light shine!!!

A woman with true style reflects a well groomed appearance, good posture, well-made clothes of excellent fit, and knows her social graces, which adds to the complete package and the legacy and fragrance you will leave.

Anne Dreyer

Dressing is easy but looking good is an art.

  • Are your outfits failing to flatter you?
  • Are you stuck with outfits that do not suit your body shape?
  • Do you have outfits gathering dust in your wardrobe?
  • Do you have outfits that looked so good on the display, TV or the magazine but do nothing for you?

Style is not determined by wealth, beauty, size, age, or even fashion - Everyone has an ability to look good, you just have to put in an effort and know what works for your unique features and what doesn’t and confidently project yourself.

It is not the size or price of the garments that gives a woman style and a pleasure to wear – it is how she wears the garment, how she puts it together and how she can reflect her individuality and personality - That is true style.

Personal Styling & Shopping

Through our Shopping service we can help you shop for that special occasion, holiday, 1st Date, wedding, corporate function, cocktail party, graduation… we will ensure you come out SPARKLING!