Wearing your best range of colours will make you radiant; you will glow, look younger, healthier, vibrant and energetic.

Correct colours will contour & define your bone structure; improve your skin texture; smooth out lines & shadows; even out skin imperfections and define the eye area.

Colour Analysis will enable you to determine the most suitable colours for you and your lifestyle. It will encourage you to wear colours you’ve never tried wearing before.

You will wear a larger range of colours confidently, knowing for sure which colours work for you and which just don’t – right down to the correct colour make-up and hair colour to suit your skin tone, giving you immediate and lasting results. You will SPARKLE in these new choices!

Colour dramatically affects the overall impression we make on others, it even affects our mood and those around us.

  • Ever looked in the mirror and felt you look pale, dull or boring?
  • Do you colour your hair based on what looks nice on the magazine?
  • Do you wear the same colours and haven’t had the courage to explore because you don’t know which colours would suit you best?

Through colour you can look slimmer or larger, taller or shorter and younger or older. Wearing unflattering/incorrect colours can dull your complexion; make you look older, pale or sick; make you look exhausted, depressed or unapproachable; it can physically distort your face shape, show pigmentation marks and emphasise your lines.