Corporate Consultation & Workshop Testimonials

  • Menzi
    "I was informed on male bodies, how to dress as a male and how to look professional. Very educational, keep up the good work."
  • Ayena
    "Very informative. From now on I will dress up more appropriately and look more professional."
  •  Anita
    "Very encouraging & informative! Thank you. I will now take extra time to prepare myself for work."
  • NG Chonco
    "How to identify suitable clothes for different occasions was very informative. Keep up the good work!"
    NG Chonco
  • Mandla
    "Wonderful presentation indeed! It covered different aspects of image beyond just physical attraction & beauty. The male & female physiques were quite informative."
  • Yulene
    "Everything was well organized and very well executed!!! Thank you. From now on I will dress according to my body shape and for my work environment."
  • Apostle Msomi
    "My eyes were open, the truth was told even though it was painful to realize the mistakes that I’ve been doing – I’m edified."
    Apostle Msomi
  • Annel
    "Very informative, great fun. I liked your interaction with attendees."
  • Gugu
    "Well presented and an elegant speaker. Engaged the group all the way. I will now change the way I perceive myself and dress according to my body shape."
  • Lee-Ann
    "Well done. More women will benefit. Very well presented on image. I’ve learnt a lot, will definitely use it in the corporate world/environment. Make-up lesson was very simple, quick and basic. I will apply it in my daily life and make a difference with my self-image."
  • Nicolene
    "Lovely workshop! Well organized and well presented. What I found most informative was that it’s the small things that can make a big change. I’ll keep all the tips in mind when doing shopping."

Make-over Testimonials

  • L.G
    "This experience made me realise there is nothing wrong with my body, it’s just how I dress it up that will determine how I look.
    I liked that I was given an in-depth analysis of my body & face shape so that I know what hairstyles, clothing & colours best suit me.
    I found the experience refreshing & eye opening, literally. I like the way my eyebrows look & I will maintain the look. I like the way the new hairstyle opens up my face that was previously hidden by the hair."
  • L.N
    “My experience in the consultation has made me realise a lot about who I am and can become. For me, it went far beyond the make-up and clothing, it was self-discovery. I liked the make-up sessions; the consultant was very patient with me, took me step by step and showed me the correct way to wear make-up. It was such a wonderful experience. It was great when I was allowed the opportunity to try out on my own what I had learnt (more like an exam). I also enjoyed trying out new colours that suit me best; It was such an amazing self-discovery. I didn’t know that I look so good in bright colours.”
  • M.D
    “I would highly rate the value of the consultation. Zanele has a wealth of knowledge regarding all the areas of image consulting & not once did I feel what she was telling me was biased or what I wanted to hear. You can tell that she is passionate about it and she implements the techniques/knowledge in her own daily life. She was honest but in a comforting way - we often know our own flaws but when someone points them out we usually get defensive - It was easy to chat to Zanele which made the entire process flow effortless & we both knew what the end goal was. I also catch myself looking at completely different clothes and trying on different things – I would normally just stick to what I ‘thought’ worked for me. I enjoyed doing the different sections but was still very unsure that what I was changing would look good or suit me at the end of the day. When all the elements were put together, I looked & felt like a completely different person and realised the potential I have!

Wedding & Events Coordination Testimonials

  • Mr & Mrs Chetty
    "We just want to say a huge thank you for co-ordinating our wedding, especially with the hosting and ushering. There was such an order and peace and we really want to commend you on your people’s skills.

    You were excellent and outstanding. You took care of even the minor details without us asking - giving us a peace of mind.

    We want you to know that we really appreciate everything that you have done for us. Without your assistance our big day wouldn't have been as perfect as it was. Thank you so much and may God richly bless you."
    Mr & Mrs Chetty
  • Z & S
    "A big thank you for overseeing our nominated suppliers (florists, videographer, DJ etc) and for your much needed arrangement of our retinue entrances and seating arrangements. We were so humbled at the manner in which you helped ensure that our parents and special guests had the best seating.

    A big thank-you for going the extra mile in ensuring the much needed arrangements that added to the portrayal of excellence and for ensuring that we remained calm and managing every emergency that came up.”
    Z & S
  • Yinka & Bisoye
    “What a privilege it was to work with a professional like Zanele as our wedding co-ordinator. She loves what she does so much and it is truly reflected in her work. Zanele introduced me (Bride) to the bridal shop where I got my wedding gown, and that was the same day I found my dream wedding gown and it was within my budget. We are so grateful and blessed to know that someone could translate our dream with such style, grace and professionalism.

    Every detail exceeded our expectations and our guests were thoroughly impressed with her. She coordinated the day with excellence making sure each activity didn't exceed more than the time allocated, the reception venue was set, guests felt welcomed and happy with her hospitality, she sourced out a place for our photo shoot, lovely I must say...

    It was so nice to be able to trust her and to know that when emotions were high I could talk to her and she had to come up with solutions and suggestions. My Husband and I thank and appreciate her. We are more than happy to recommend her services to anyone planning a wedding, –they will be happy they used SPARKLE!"
    Yinka & Bisoye
  • Mrs Msomi
    "I can't find words to express how grateful and honored I feel, for this was one of my highlights of this year, you made it such a memorable surprise birthday & I’m still re-living the moment, thank you! I felt so important & it really meant a lot to me. I loved everything especially the cake, decor and the food. All my guests enjoyed the event. Thank you for going that extra mile & taking care of even the finest detail. Sometimes it's the little things that matter the most.

    To my husband: I Love you baby and thank you for such a lovely surprise. Sparkle Image you are the best!!!"
    Mrs Msomi
  • Charlotte
    "Thank you so much for organising my 50th birthday so excellently and my best party ever! You went out and outperformed in each area from planning invites, deco, food to personally managing the flow of the function - everything was seamless and flawless. My guests...oh especially my boys enjoyed every minute and will not mind a replay. Keep it up girl!!! You have the world in your hands with your humility and patience...."