"Let your light shine!!!"

Colour Analysis


Ever looked in the mirror and felt you look pale, dull or boring?

Do you colour your hair based on what looks nice on the magazine?

Do you wear the same colours and haven’t had the courage to explore because you don’t know which colours would suit you best?


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Body and Style Assessment


Do you have outfits gathering dust in your wardrobe?

Are you stuck with outfits that do not suit your body shape?

Are your outfits failing to flatter you?

Do you have outfits that looked so good on the display, TV or the magazine but do nothing for you?

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Sparkle Image Consuting turns people from being rough diamonds to pure clean diamonds.
Sparkling Diamond Symbolizing how Sparkle Image Consulting unleashes the potential of it's customers.

We will help you highlight your best features by dressing in the proper colours, bodylines and style that suit your unique figure, skin-tone, personality, and lifestyle.  Together we will UNLEASH that LUMINOSITY within, cause you to SPARKLE so you can FLOURISH wherever you are.

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Wardrobe Planning


Are you fully utilising the items in your wardrobe or is it full of items you hardly ever use?


Sparkle Image Consulting


Do you ask yourself, ‘what am I going to wear?’, ‘when last did I wear this?’, 'what on earth ever possessed me to buy that?', 'how was I ever convinced this looked fantastic on me?' or ‘it looked so good on display but something is not right on me.’

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Sparkle Image Consulting is BBBEE Level 1 Accredited

SPARKLE is accredited by the Association of Professional Image Consultants of South Africa

SPARKLE is accredited by the Association of Professional Image Consultants of South Africa

Wedding & Etiquette Consultant


Are you planning a wedding and confused about where to start or not sure if you have covered all the essentials (& of course nice to have, after all it’s your day) or you do not have enough time to co-ordinate all the service providers?


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